Introducing Culturebook.


Culturebook is all about consuming our cultural heritage in an engaging and exciting way any place, anywhere. This is more than just another museum tour guide: it's an access-anywhere portal for cultural places and events, and a social network for everything culture.

Our plan is to develop an entire web-based platform suitable for handheld and desktop devices where users can browse, engage and interact with our cultural heritage from paintings and exhibits to user contributions such as audio narrative, podcasts, video and multi-lingual translations.

Culturebook Community

Communities help define and keep alive a culture: that is why we strongly believe in making Culturebook a platform for people to present and share with us their culture. We will look to support and promote events far and wide which tie in with specific cultural occasions.

Culturebook Collections

User-based curation will form a key aspect in how Culturebook brings together museum exhibits from around the world into collections that can be shared and contributed to from a global network of users.

Culturebook Store

Culturebook Store will be an extensive online retail experience offering users the opportunity to buy gifts and souvenirs from partnering museums as well as vacation packages which enable users to plan an entire trip or vacation round specific cultural locations.

Promoting Culturebook

We’re getting the word out there on what Culturebook is about and how it has the potential to transform user engagement with our cultural heritage in museums, art galleries and historic sites of interest throughout the world.


Thank you! We appreciate your interest and will be in contact soon.

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